What’s for dinner: easy peasy chicken teriyaki with noodles and veggies

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Ok so this is the easiest recipe everrrrrr and is very delish! All you need is three ingredients (feel free to substitute):
Steam fresh Asian lightly sauced veggies
Knorr teriyaki noodle sides
1 lb chicken

1. Throw veggies in the microwave for five minutes.
2. Put noodles on to cook (I add about a quarter cup more water to make it saucier) while cooking your chicken (I like to do bite sized pieces)

3. Add veggies to chicken when both are cooked. Mix through.

4. Add in cooked noodles. Stir and enjoy.

When timed properly this meal takes ten minutes to prepare from start to finish. It has a protein, carb and veggie. It also costs only about ten dollars. Yum!