The Great Clothing Debacle

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We live in the city.  We don’t have tons of room.  So we have a storage unit.  And it has been a lifesaver.  I switch my clothing once a year (fall/winter and spring/summer) and store my alternate season clothing in the unit.  Switching the clothing is a REALLY big production.  I know my husband dreads it as much as I do because he has to lug the (usually 4) HUGE bins out of storage, which sometimes includes moving all the crap that is blocking the bins then putting it all back.


ANYWAY, it is SO stressful and is usually a multi-day production.  I wish it wasn’t but it is.  You are probably thinking “is this girl nuts?!”  Yup, I am, but that is beside the point.  This is SUCH a production because it involves multiple steps.  First I take my current “wardrobe” out of the drawers.  THEN, I donate anything I don’t/didn’t wear.  And I put it on the bed.  Now here is where it gets tricky, because NOW I start the process when Zach goes to sleep and well, shorty after, I go to sleep…but all the stuff is on the bed.



So I move it to the trunk until the next day.  ANYWAY, NEXT I unload the new wardrobe clothing from the bins and “categorize” them so that I can put them away.  You know, tank tops, v-neck t’s, etc.  I put last season’s clothing in the bins and close them up.


While this is happening, I’m trying to plan out what will go where and in what drawers.  I inevitably change the logistics of the drawers several times as I try to determine what make the most sense 😉  I know, TYPE A.  THEN I put the clothing away. EXHAUSTING RIGHT!?  And poor husband then has to drag the bins back into storage.  Brutal.  So tell me, do you guys switch your seasonal clothing?